It’s taken way to long and there aren’t really a lot of truly acceptable reasons for not having built my own site sooner, but, in my defence it’s because I’ve been treating client work as a priority, or learning some new ‘thing‘ on a course somewhere. However, that is now all historic fact because, on this day 23rd August 2020 my website and blog was finally made live.

As with a lot of other people and companies, I’ve found myself impacted by the recent covid-19 lock down measures with several long standing clients facing their own business continuation challenges, as such I found myself with some rare spare time. I decided to use this time productively and get my own website in place for a number of reasons:

  1. Up until now, I’ve been in the fortunate position of having no shortage of work, and 99% of that work coming by word of mouth and recommendation, so I’ve not really had need to publicly advertise myself or my services.
  2. Related to no.1.. I also find myself in the odd position of having a consistent provable work record with clients past and current more than happy to provide references, BUT, no real portfolio or body of work to show for the numerous years I’ve been in the industry, and the number of projects I’ve worked on! Hence I needed to address that, and I’m currently digging over old files, screenshots, wireframes etc. trying to retrospectively now create my portfolio.
  3. I figured given the knowledge and information I’ve picked up over my 20 year career, I could probably help a few people that are starting out in the UX/UI Design and/or web development fields, so wanted to start my blog to document some of what I know.

So there you have it! Cards on the table, the motivation for getting my site built and live, why its not been done sooner, and what I hope to achieve by doing it now. I hope some of the information is useful to someone out there.. and I’d like to wish everyone all the best.

Cheers, Jim